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Open Curator Studio: The 3D Experience (virtual exhibition)

download PDF of documentation here

Open Curator Studio: The 3D Experience is a project initiated by Artspace studio resident, curator Alana Kushnir in collaboration with artist Joey Holder. Kushnir has selected works by Ry David Bradley, Joe Hamilton, Jacob Ogden Smith and Kynan Tan to be incorporated by Holder into a computer-generated gallery space modelled on the Open Studio at Artspace, a leading international residency-based contemporary art centre in Sydney, Australia. Visitors may experience the exhibition and interact with this virtual environment here from Friday, 10 May 2013.

Open Curator Studio: The 3D Experience is an offshoot of Kushnir's ongoing research on the intersections of intellectual property law, curating and art practices influenced by internet culture. She is particularly interested in interpreting the language of the law in the context of her own curating practice.

In the decision of Patrick Cariou v Richard Prince, Gagosian Gallery and Larry Gagosian, which was handed down by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on the 25th of April 2013, the court reiterated the point made in several prior U.S. court decisions: that the copying of an original work can qualify as a 'fair use' of that work, and therefore be excused from copyright infringement, if the new work adds something to the original work, a further purpose or a different character, altering it with a new expression, meaning, or message. The court explained that where the new work fulfills this requirement, it can be considered 'transformative' and therefore a 'fair use' of the original work.

For Open Curator Studio: The 3D Experience, Kushnir has selected works which push the boundaries of 'fair use', thereby providing a prism through which the legal concepts elucidated in the new Richard Prince case can be explored and questioned. Ry David Bradley has taken images from, reconstituted them upon quasi-sculptural forms and printed them on black gloss metal. His new message is that "upon arcane forms from different points in time lie the remnants of other, more recent signs." Kynan Tan has used the data of sleeping brain waves to control and vary an audio-visual composition. Jacob Ogden Smith has created digital images of pottery using an iPad App called Let's Create: Pottery. Each of these images are based on a piece of pottery featured in a film or television show, such as an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, thus calling attention to the continued relevance of ancient materials to popular culture. Joe Hamilton has reconfigured various images of the facade and interior of a new, architecturally significant building in Melbourne into a constantly moving, constantly shifting environment.

For Open Curator Studio: The 3D Experience each of these works also act as original works which are altered to have a further purpose by Joey Holder. Holder reconfigures them within a computer-generated version of the Artspace Open Studio exhibition space. She inundates the surrounding walls, floor, ceiling and even windows with a range of digital patterning which she has created by meshing together images found on the internet. As a result of Holder's reconfigurations, Open Curator Studio: The 3D Experience is a space which is transformative itself, adding something new to the transformative works it displays.

With special thanks to James B Stringer: 3D programming and rendering.