Joey Holder
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‘A Computer Ringtone for Skypism’

My eyelids belch with effluvial afterthoughts when you tease me with gelatin and congealed chicken rinds. Ghetto Chicken, Dino porn. Got the masks from the Natural History Museum and I am going to wear them whilst I have sex, with myself. You performed brilliantly, now suck my cock, naked mole rat with no teeth. Make Blog, sort mailing list, clean out the rats. Read about triangles. Name change list. Impunity. Bring tank and broken flowers. Find perfectionism and crippled horse manure between tumblr and your own thoughts. The Inter-net and the Outer-net. Okapi. Quagga now extinct. A phylum is a taxonomic rank below kingdom and above class. Spiders and crabs both belong to Arthropoda, Apparently human males are attracted to females who exhibit neotenous traits. Logically, this means the ideal image for any woman should be an axolotl, and they should avoid salamander goo as if it were plague-ridden. 27 likes. Manatees and Dugongs. Nyam Cat Omega extended addition. Software development methodologies. Technocratic and political rationality. Technocracy is a hypothetical form of government in which science would be in control of all decision making. Meow. Growl. Food on my dog, Blog. Fenton, Benton, Benton-Fenton. Oh Jesus Christ. Some lovely aquatic apparel that doesn’t actually exist. My own label, Micro-threading. Screen grabs from another space time continuum. Capture scroll bar. Add 86 friends. Mirrored strip light, white noise. Ghost Modernism. Read something. Derivative, synthesis, petrochemical. Fill up with gas. Slow-release is a strategy in material science. Fluid catalytic cracking of petroleum fractions. Dubai Crude, an oil price benchmark. Television Fantastic has crashed. Click this balloon to reload the extension. Internet inches, internet- induced insomnia, interneting, internet ink, internet intimate, internetional, internetiquette, internetis, internetism. Internet K-hole. Endless curving wormholes within an augmented reality. Darren wants a drama free relationship.

How the fuck did I end up here.

Published in Misery Connoisseur, 2012